The Otafest Art team is a group of artists and designers who work together to improve the Otafest community through engaging and thoughtful art & design. Members of the team contribute to marketing, merchandising, and public relations through a wide variety of projects. Our team members come from different backgrounds and have different talents that allow them to collaborate to improve their skills.

The Otafest Art team is volunteer based. As with Otafest executives and staff, our artists are not paid for their work. They do receive compensation through entrance to Otafest and Otafest Aurora, as well as public display of their work through online and physical channels. Art Team members who are in school can receive service hours for their work or can receive a reference letter when applying for school or for scholarships. They also receive a copy of any work they produce for their portfolio.

Being a part of the art team requires that you maintain communication through email and Skype. Art team members are required to participate in Otafest planning by attending meetings whenever possible. Living in Calgary is an asset however is not required to be on the art team.

Members on the art team use a variety of software and hardware to complete their work. You are free to use whatever you are comfortable with. The ability to vector your art work is an asset. Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite is also an asset.

As a member of the Otafest Art Team, you will be expected to produce at least one illustration and art for 4 pins throughout the year. While we have deadlines that you will be asked to meet, we are flexible to ensure that you are maintaining a good work life balance.

The Otafest Art team will add members periodically throughout the year as needed.
If you would like to join the Otafest Art Team, please email Please include a link to examples of your work.