Oct 4th: Cinderella Aurora

Hello! Welcome to the Aurora Pin Trading blog! It’s great to be back for another series of weekly pin releases! Each Monday we will release a new design that you will have the opportunity to purchase from our merchandise booth. All of our releases will be available at the booth in silver. For gold releases, please check our the Aurora schedule for pin treading events when it is released.

Our first pin is none other than the tsundere queen herself! Aurora arrives to the ball, ready to win over the handsome prince. But for her dream to come true, Aurora must hide a secret! It’s best that she leaves before the clock strikes midnight or her secret will be revealed! Featuring a new storybook style design by
Cindy Chen, Aurora is sure to be the wish your heart makes!

Next Week: Aurora could use a little magic! See you then!

Aurora Trivia:
Did you know that Aurora’s famous streaks can vary in colour from red to pink depending on how the light is shining?