Oct 24th: Ash

Hello and welcome back to the Aurora pin trading blog! It’s week 4 and we’re back with another pin release. It won’t be long until Heritage Hall is full of happiness and cosplay. We can’t wait for you to join us! Don’t forget that you can pick up your tickets for Aurora in advance and save you time waiting at the door! Purchase your pass today!

This week we introduce a new furry friend! Cinderora’s faithful (when she wants to be of course)ncompanion, Ash enjoys sleeping in the sun, running out of open doors when she’s not supposed to and scratching Cinderora’s furniture! Cute and full of whimsy, Ash was transformed into an angel cat with Seph’s magic! We hope you enjoy this events cat pin designed by Cindy Chen!

Next week: Our last pin release! See you then!

Cat Trivia: Did you know that cats have a reflex to allow them to orient themselves when falling so they land on their feet? But did you know it doesn’t work if there is a piece of buttered toast attached to their back because the butter side always lands facing down?