Cosplay contests are a longstanding tradition at Otafest and conventions around the world! Otafest is proud to present 3 different cosplay events for your participation.

Please consult the updated schedule for room locations and event times.

Cosplay Showcase

Otafest proudly presents the Cosplay Showcase! For those cosplayers out there who want to show off their costumes but don’t necessarily want to do so on-stage during the Cosplay Fashion Show, this event is for you! Here, our judges will look at your costume in detail, as such entrants must have made 80% of their costume for this event. No prior experience is necessary as we have separate categories for beginners and experts. There is no audience for this event with winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony! Awards are given out based on the craftsmanship of the costume.

Cosplay Fashion Show

This is always one of the biggest events of any convention, and certainly the most popular here at Otafest! Come and see the results of folks’ creativity as they pay tribute to their favourite anime characters through costumes. This is a highlight for many festival attendees! Entrants must be in costume (made or bought). After registering for the event you’ll be given a category and number. The main show will occur in main events and contestants will go on stage one at a time to show off their costumes in front of the audience and judges. Judges will select winners in each category based on stage presence and costume appearance.

Mr. & Ms. Otafest

Did you see someone with an amazing costume and wished that they could win something? Well now you have the chance to pick your favourite male and female cosplayer! We’ll tally up the votes and announce the winners at closing ceremonies and via social media! Sign ups are open from 10am-12pm, while voting will happen 12pm-4pm!