Exhibitor Hall

The Otafest Exhibitor Hall is full of booths where you can find official figures, manga, plushies, posters, as well as a multifaceted array of original creative talent. Artists sell a wide variety of work including drawings, charms, handmade plushies, and more. Some will also take commission requests for custom pieces. Make sure to save some time in your schedule to visit!

Exhibitor Layout


Name Table
Craftybutsquidy A01
Castcuraga A02
Riko598 A03
Umi-ru A04
Simona Artista A05
Norma-Jean Harvey A06
Pocket City A07
Kawoart A08
Duchess Celestia A09
Anime Chibi Suki A10
CupCakeMonsterCrafts A11
Jubblier A12
Pokey A13
Arabesque A14
Terabytes A15
Aiishii A16
Fishnbacon A17
SirChryses A18
Artruistically Art A19
Dueces & Ella A20
Ikasama A21
Akiene A22
Vaahlkult A23
The Dapper Owl & Dapple Fox A24
Petite Luna A25
Jyinxe A26
Blue Moon Design Studio A27
Kinosthetic A28
Xy A29
Rakugaki Emy A30
Cryleigh A31
Mangokappu A32
Linda Yan A33
Cindiq A34
Meru A35


Name Booth
Dark Phoenix V1
Klosed Beta V2
Eyrie Ceramics V3
Nerdhaven Collectibles V4
Chinook Crafts V5
Phase: [UNKNOWN] V6
Cartoon Passions V7
Little Star Gifts V8
NewGamePlus V9
Comic-Kazi V10
Viibrants V11
Elemental Illusions V12
Zearyu V13
7Storm Collective V14
Moso Box V15
Ukiyo Gifts V16
Random Array V17