Oct 31st: Cinderora

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Aurora Pin Trading blog! It’s our last pin release before Aurora 2016! We would like to thank you for being a part of this series of releases. As usual we will [...]

Oct 24th: Ash

Hello and welcome back to the Aurora pin trading blog! It’s week 4 and we’re back with another pin release. It won’t be long until Heritage Hall is full of happiness and cosplay. We can’t wait [...]

Oct 17th: 5 Year Anniversary

Bonjour! Welcome back to the Aurora Pin trading blog! It’s week 3 of the blog and we only have a few more to go! We hope you’re super excited for all of the magic that Aurora has in store for [...]

Oct 10th: Fairy Godmother Seph

We’re back! It’s week two of the of the Aurora Pin Trading blog! Today we have a brand new release that you can purchase from our merchandise booth. I hope you have had the chance to purchase [...]

Oct 4th: Cinderella Aurora

Hello! Welcome to the Aurora Pin Trading blog! It’s great to be back for another series of weekly pin releases! Each Monday we will release a new design that you will have the opportunity to [...]