Event Descriptions

3,2,1… RWBY! (Finn B.)

Team RWBY are gearing up for the upcoming Vytal Festival; they have to deal with reporters begging for the next juicy story. What shampoo does Yang use? Who has been canoodling while the cameras are off? Come get the latest dirt on our favourite hunters and huntresses in training.

60 Seconds to Victory (Jordin J.)

Do you have what it takes to beat the clock when the pressure’s on? Compete in simple challenges to win the ultimate prize, respect and admiration*! *Respect and admiration not guaranteed. Prizes may be material in value.

Amiibo Tournament (Brett L.)

Two Amiibos enter – ONLY ONE LEAVES. Got some amiibos ? Done a decent job training them? Just wanting to see what all the amiibo hype is about? Come check out the amiibo Tournament! Prove why yours is the best or try your luck with our well-trained roster of amiibos and cheer on your favourites!

AMV 2016 Contest Winners

One of the most popular events at Otafest is back for another year! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to music, and edit and splice them until an amazing music video is born!

AMV Contest 2016 – Non-Finalist Showing

One of the most popular events at Otafest is back for another year! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to music, and edit and splice them until an amazing music video is born!

Anime Board Games presented by FallCon!

The Anime Board Game Room is designed for attendees to take a break from the hustle of the convention and sit down and relax with some Asian and anime-themed board games! Come in and learn a new board game with your friends!

Anime Dragons Den (James W.)

Think you got a great idea for an anime series? Pitch it to the Dragons; an elite panel of Investors, who, in reality have zero credentials whatsoever. Only THEY stand between you and your dream venture… but only if the concept is so good…or so bad?

Anime EDGE (Aaron S.)

Back again for another wild year, Anime EDGE takes the insanity and fun from various games & game shows to create a fun and crazy time for contestants and viewers alike. Can you survive on the Anime EDGE?

Anime Family Feud (Helen T.)

Bring your con family and get ready to feud in this Family Feud styled trivia game! Survey says that you’ll have a good time!

Anime Jeopardy Contest (Rory M.)

If you’ve ever wanted to test your anime knowledge for fun and prizes or have an opportunity to prove how much of an otaku you really are, now’s your chance! Get chosen from the audience by answering simple trivia questions to earn a chance to play a round of Anime Jeopardy and compete for the right to be called the ultimate Anime Jeopardy champion.

Anime Movie Talk! Live Action Adaptations (Jeffrey W.)

Film lovers and anime fans unite! If you’ve ever wondered how films like Dragonball: Evolution, The Last Airbender and Attack on Titan are made, join us as we examine the good and the bad of anime properties making their transition to the big screen.

Anime Starter Pack (18+ Only) (Linda Y.)

Come join us and talk about, well… anime! We’ll talk a bit about the different types and genres of anime, tropes you can expect to see in each and try to introduce you guys to series that you may have heard of but never gotten a chance to watch! Then test everyone’s knowledge with a game of Jeopardy and few games of Heads Up!! (Come for the anime, stay for the Hi-Chews!)

Anime Things (Theodore B.)

Things you don’t want to hear a magical girl shout for an attack. “Things you wouldn’t expect a monster to use to destroy Tokyo.” Which player said what answer? Find out the hilarious answers at Anime Things!

Anime Wits and Wagers (Shawn M.)

Based on the hit family game, Anime Wits & Wagers is the ultimate combination of anime trivia knowledge and gambling. Guess the answer, and bet on which of the answers given you think is right!

Armor Resource Training (Natasha I.)

An introduction to your first cosplay armor build. Covering everything from to design and materials to strapping and finishing, it will, hopefully, make the creation process a little less overwhelming…

Ask the Crusaders (Skylar F.)

Ask all of your favourite Stand Users from Stardust Crusaders!

AV Screening of Boy and the Beast

Watch a Screening of Boy and the Beast!

Ball-Jointed Dolls: 101 (Janet L.)

Come meet the Calgary Ball-Jointed Dolls group as we discuss the doll community, how you can take part, or more information about this amazing and diverse hobby.

Beginner’s Guide to Bodypaint (Harley)

Ever wanted to try body paint to add that extra edge to your cosplay but don’t know where to start? This panel is for you! We’ll be covering different brands, which is best for YOU, and you can try some!


BENTO BANZAI IS BACK! Otafest’s premiere (read: only) food-related game show is going to be stuffing your gullet with hot peppers, prizes, wasabi, prizes, lemons, prizes, and more during individual and team-based challenges! Did we mention we also give away PRIZES?! Ita-daki-masu~ ?

Beyond Steampunk Anime: Scientific Romances in the Land of the Rising Sun (Cory G.)

Though steampunk is a recent popular trend, Japan has a tradition of giant steam-powered robots dating back to the 19th century. Go beyond the gears to learn about Japanese history and Retro-Victorian Science Fiction in this entertaining crash course.

BONDAGE PANEL with Nabeshin! (18+ Only) (Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe)

Ropes. Knots. Nabeshin. Need we say more? (18+ only!)

Brendan Hunter presents: So You Want to Be a Voice Actor (Brendan Hunter)

How does one become a voice actor for products all over the world? Brendan Hunter lives it, and is finally teaching classes to those interested in starting or growing their careers behind the microphone. Set in professional studios with sound engineers and equipment, come find out what it’s actually like to voice characters or create bankable performances for clients in real studio settings, and where you should be looking for work. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get paid for your voice? Maybe you already have what it takes!

Card Gaming: Cardfight Vanguard Tournament

Four Rounds. Top Eight.

Card Gaming: Cardfight Vanguard Triple Threat Teams Tournament

Single Elimination

Cards Against Otafest (18+ Only) (Dan R.)

What happens when you cram a group of Otafest patrons in a room and ask them to think of horrible things? Well, if you’re doing it with a game you get Cards Against Otafest, a modified edition of Cards against Humanity with an Otafest twist.

Channel A (Shawn M.)

At the fictional Channel A studios, new shows are being pitched all the time. Players get the chance to pitch crazy anime show ideas for different genres and time slots that the studios are looking for. See what shows will become hits on “Channel A”!

CLAMP’s Wonderland (Linda Y.)

Most of us are probably most familiar with CLAMP through their work in series like Cardcaptor Sakura, or Code Geass, or X. The world of CLAMP can seem intimidating to tackle considering their range and number of universes. Join us on a mini-adventure exploring a a half-dozen of their series, and discuss their main thematic writing style.

Con-Survival 101 (Nathan Y.)

Curious about the convention scene? Look no further; we’ve got some tips on how you can get the most out of your weekend shenanigans!

Convention horror stories (Noa B.)

Got a convention horror story you’d like to share? Interested in hearing others? This is the panel for you!

Cooking with Sanji: Sushi (Nyein M.)

Come aboard the Thousand Sunny and learn how to make sushi with Sanji and the cooking assistant who’s not allowed to cook, Monkey D. Luffy!

Cosplay as a Business – Q&A with Kamui and Yaya (Kamui Cosplay; Yaya Han)

Kamui Cosplay and Yaya Han discusses taking cosplay from a hobby to livelihood, and answer your questions!

Cosplay Thumb Wrestling (Ben E.)

One, two, three, four, get ready to thumb war! Is it your lifelong dream to put a Sailor Scout uniform on your thumb and throw down in a thumb wrestle? Get ready for your dreams to come true, and come down to the tournament and crown yourself as the champion!

Dance Dance Revolution! (Dennis L.)

Drop by and play some Dance Dance Revolution, no arcade tokens needed!

Dance! Dance! Dance! With TriXtan Entertainment (TriXtan Entertainment)

After the concerts, make sure you stick around and dance the night away at the always popular Anime Dance Party with Calgary’s own TriXTan Entertainment!

Drunk Gaming at the Otafest Open Console Gaming Room (Drunk Gaming)

Chill with Justin & Alli Speed at the Otafest gaming room! Play games, chat, and go wild!

Drunk Gaming presents: Twitch.tv Tips & Tricks (Drunk Gaming)

Siblings Justin & Alli Speed give advice for aspiring streamers on how to make it on Twitch.tv!

Drunk Gaming presents: YouTube Panel (Drunk Gaming)

Join the Drunk Gaming siblings Alli and Justin Speed as they chat about making YouTube videos!

Essential Hentai (18+ Only) (Alana M.)

Learn what makes hentai the amazing art form it is. A look at the essentials of hentai, the fetishes, genres, styles, games, and evolution over the years.

Everything but metal (Dorothy L.)

A cosplayer’s guide to armor and prop making materials. Learn about several materials and worbla alternatives, their pros and cons, and when to use them. Find a material for any budget, skill level or goal – make anything you want!

Fandom Sing-Along (Kathleen D.)

Sing along with a wide selection of karaoke-style videos from a variety of popular fandoms. Participants of all ages, voice types, and skill levels are able to sing in an open, no-judgement environment free of the pressures of solo performance karaoke. Music will be pre-selected in a 60-minute playlist and appropriate for all ages.

For Azeroth (Stephanie S.)

As the Legion draws closer to invading Azeroth, brave heroes are summoned to defend the world–but first, a history lesson. Venture into the lore of World of Warcraft with Loremaster Rahkris and Cake as they discuss and cover everything from terrifying demons to adorable critters. Adventurers, are you prepared?!

Games Done Quick: When Speedruns Meet Charity (Lauren W.)

Speedrunning has been growing in popularity and there are huge marathons with people playing games quick. But where do you even start with these marathons? What are all these terms people are using? And how on EARTH did that guy just break that game from your childhood? Find out here!

Gender and You (Harley)

Discussing queer representation in media, focusing on transgender characters – their importance, impact, and how their writing affects the audience.

Google Family Feud – Anime Edition (Vern T.)

Do you love Family Feud? Isn’t Google autocomplete amazing? Have you ever wondered how Google would complete the phrase “The best anime is”? Come find out at Google Family Feud Anime Edition!

Haikyuu in Tokyo!! (Chrstopher K.)

You liked Karasuno in tiny Torono Town, Miyagi Prefecture – why not take your butt to Tokyo and indulge yourself in the tomfoolery that Fukurodani and Nekoma get themselves into? Ask the Nekoma and Fukurodani teams the questions that are burning for answers! But that’s not all that’s in store – with Kuroo Tetsuro and Bokuto Koutarou running the show, you never know what’s going to happen!

Hayakuchi Kotoba: Let’s Get Tongue Twisted!! (Stacey M.)

Think your tongue is strong enough to twist out these phrases? Put it to the test in Hayakuchi Kotoba: Let’s Get Tongue Twisted!!

Here comes Dat Boi: A look at Anime’s Influence in Western Media. (James W.)

An overview and discussion on anime influences references and adaptations in western film and animation, and some questions on the future of these two slowly converging Medias.

Hetalia – World United (Sarah E.)

Come join in the fun with your favourite countries in this interactive panel full of games and shenanigans! You may even win some cool prizes!

How It’s Made: Cosplay Edition

Local cosplayers and photographers have set up interactive exhibits for you to see some of their creativity behind the scenes. This is an up-close and personal look at the technical side of cosplay. Whether you’re new to the community, or a seasoned veteran of the craft, you’re bound to learn something!

How to Create A VIsual Novel (Alexis T.)

Wanting to learn how program and make your own Visual Novel? Get started here with some simple tools to bring your stories and characters to life!

How to Make a Viral Video (Chad K.)

Want to create a viral video? Learn tips and strategies from the creators of several! More importantly, learn what to do when you have a viral hit on your hands.

I Was A Teenage Weeb!: Convention Horror Stories (18+ Only) (Lauren W.)

You’ve probably seen some things; maybe not this weekend, but during convention weekends past… true convention horror stories. Let’s get together to cry, laugh, and maybe even learn something about ourselves on the way. Listen to the con horror stories of others & share your own – but please respect the identity/privacy of others.

Idol Warfare: An Introduction to the Japanese Idol Industry (Selena Z.)

Looking to spend your money on something other than anime goods? Consider becoming an idol fan. Let Sel introduce you to the wonders of the Japanese idol industry, and give you insight into what it’s like being an international fan of an industry that doesn’t really promote itself overseas.

Intro to Cosplay Contests (Lane M.)

Have you wanted to participate in a cosplay contest but aren’t sure how it works? Looking for tips on dealing with stage fright? We want to share our experiences and tips with you so that you can get on stage and showcase your amazing work!

Intro to Larp: Fairy Tail Edition (Dina Z.)

Ever been interested in live-action roleplaying? Come out and roleplay your favourite Fairy Tail character with us!

Introduction to Tabletop RPGs (Cale H.)

Basics of tabletop role-playing games for beginners. We will be looking at multiple gaming systems (Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Anima, etc.), and presenting new players with the basics they require to get into the hobby. Format also includes basic gamer etiquette do’s & don’ts.

Introduction to Wota Culture and Wotagei (Jason C.)

Join us in this interactive panel to learn about Wota (idol otaku) culture, its history, and the art of cheering during idol/seiyuu concerts.

Iron Cosplay (Helen T.)

Test your cosplay crafting and creativity skills by building the ultimate cosplay out of household materials in a short time limit! Face off with other teams to win a prize!

Is Anime Art? (James W.)

In the wise and misattributed words of Miyazaki: “Anime was a mistake.” We all watch anime for fun; for CrunchyRoll and chill; and of course…”for the plot.” But is it capital-A “Art”? Come and join us for an exploration and discussion of this age old question through some fine artisan-curated anime video essays and discussion. Anime is an expansive and scary landscape to go through alone, but together, we can compile the ultimate “artful anime to-watch” list.

J Michael Tatum – WTF 101 (18+ Only) (J. Michael Tatum)

Got a question for Tatum that’s not safe for a family-friendly panel? Join the uproariously opinionated voice actor as he holds forth on any number of off-colour topics. But be warned: the tables are liable to turn! 18+ only! Absolutely no recording of any kind!

J Michael Tatum: Adaptive Stript Writing (J. Michael Tatum)

Join Michael as he takes you through the paces of adapting anime scripts from Japanese for English speaking audiences!

J ROCK Meet & Greet & Q&A – NoGoD (NoGoD)

Meet Otafest 2016’s headliner musical guests straight from Japan – NoGoD!

Johnny Yong Bosch: Mighty Morphin Bleach Ranger! (Johnny Yong Bosch)

That’s right, you read that title and thought, ‘Dang, that’s jazzy…sounding’. Well guess what? Nothing to do with jazz. Alright, alright you actually thought the title was confusing, right? Well show up to the panel and find out what it’s really about OR don’t and we’ll all make fun of you the rest of the weekend.

Just Leave it ‘Blank’ (Giuliana C.)

Sora and Shiro have had an argument and intend to settle it the only way they know how. They’re looking for recruits to join their side, play minigames and receive points and prizes. Ever felt like you dont belong in this world? Now’s your chance to find out.

Justin Currie: Breaking into Graphic Novels (Justin Currie)

So you want to be a published artist? Come learn the ins and outs of publishing your own graphic novel with Chasing Artwork’s Justin Currie!

Justin Currie: Tales from Artist Alley (Justin Currie)

Justin’s been to conventions and artist alley’s around the world and has quite a few stories to tell about them!

Kamui Cosplay presents: LEDs for Cosplay (Kamui Cosplay)

Kamui Cosplay gives us tricks and tips on how to use LED lights to bring your cosplay to the next level!

Let’s Talk Sexy Figurines! (18+ Only) (Dani P.)

You’ve learned the basics to collecting figures, but there’s that sexy figure you are having second thoughts about ordering. Fear not you are not alone! Let’s talk about sexy figures.

Light Novels 101: An Introduction to Light Novels (Nathan Y.)

Light Novels? What’s a light novel? Interested to find out another source for anime other than manga and games? Come on by and we’ll show you the ropes.

Lolita Fashion Show (Landon D.)

The lolita fashion show will have models showing off the most fabulous attire and we hope to also introduce you to the wonderful world of lolita fashion.

Love Live! Dance Panel: Subunit Edition (Carter Y.)

Join us for an hour of dancing and choreography in this interactive panel! This time, the focus is on the muse subunits. Come dance with the cast of Love Live, learn some new moves, and kickstart your idol dreams!

Make Us Free! (Alex Y.)

Come on down and play some swimmingly fun games with your favourite characters from Free! It’s Team Iwatobi vs Team Samezuka! Feel Free! to ask characters questions too!

Medabots Dual and Medabots GBA Freeplay (Jonathan M.)

If you have an interest in Medabots, come play some of the games and experience what this older series has to offer.

Mix and Mingler (Brittany S.)

Wanna make new friends who share common interests? Come down to the mix-and-mingle and get to know someone different.

Nabeshin Introduction Panel (Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe)

Introducing special guest anime director, storyboarder, and voiceover artist, Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe and his works! Come meet the man behind your favourite cult classic anime!

Nabeshin presents: Live-Action Filmmaking Panel (Shinichi “Nabeshin” Watanabe)

While Nabeshin is an anime director, he has always wanted to try making live-action films too! Come share your ideas and we will select a cast from the audience and shoot an improv movie together!

Nobody’s Dying But I’m Still Crying: Sports Feud Edition (Ester B.)

Do you think you know your sports anime and manga like the back of your hand? Use your knowledge of popular sports series to win prizes and test your knowledge on Sports Feud!

NoGoD Concert (NoGoD)

Otafest is very pleased to present NoGoD as our headlining J-Rock guest this year! Make sure you attend their massive concert Saturday night in the main events room – Macleod B-D! You’ll also be able to catch NoGoD during the following times outside of their Saturday Night Main Concert: 
– Saturday – Main Concert
– Sunday – NoGod – J Rock Meet & Greet
– Though out the weekend – At their booth in the Exhibitor’s Hall!

North American Voice Actor Roundtable! (J. Michael Tatum; Todd Haberkorn; Brendan Hunter; Caitlynne Medrek; Nathan Hunt; Nancy Situ)

Otafest’s voiceover guests discuss topics and take your questions about the industry!

ONE PUNCH Jeopardy (Rachael Y.)

Are you a One-Punch Man fan? Test your knowledge of One-Punch Man! Play One-Punch Jeopardy and see if you walk out the hero, or defeated by your opponent.

Osomatsu-san Panel (Stephanie H.)

Join the Matsuno brothers for Q&A, games, and more!

Otafest 2016 Anime Music Video Contest

The AMV contest is back! Bigger and better than ever, enjoy a journey through this year’s finalists and vote for the Fan Favourite!

Otafest 2016 Auction & Charity Auction (18+ Only)

This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia! Come for the deals, but stay for the foul-mouthed insanity!

Otafest 2016 Cosplay Fashion Show & Skit Contest

It’s time for the most popular main event here at Otafest! Come and see the results of our community’s creativity as they pay tribute to their favourite characters through costumes!

Otafest 2016 Feedback Panel

Let Otafest Staff what you think! We want your feedback and constructive criticism about Otafest 2016 so we can continue to improve!

Otafest 2016 Mr and Miss Otafest Polls Open

Did you see someone with an amazing costume and wished that they could win something? Now you have the chance to pick your favourite cosplayer!

Otafest 2016 Mr and Miss Otafest Registration

Register for the Mr and Miss Otafest contest! You will receive a number to pin to your cosplay and attendees can vote for you at the Mr/Miss Otafest desk!

Otafest Competitive Video Gaming Tournaments

In conjunction with Super Smash Bros University and The Fighting Game Community of Calgary, Otafest is pleased to offer four cash-pot gaming tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee & Wii U, Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-! Please check the Otafest website for full rules and details!

Otafest Idol 2016

It starts with singing along with your favourite theme song sitting at home; now perform it in front of an entire audience of anime fans! Come and watch some aspiring singers perform a variety of anime, video game and J-pop songs. Who will be crowned the Otafest Idol champion of 2016?

Otafest Idol 2016 Preliminaries

It starts with singing along with your favourite theme song sitting at home; now perform it in front of an entire audience of anime fans! Come and watch some aspiring singers perform a variety of anime, video game and J-pop songs. Who will be crowned the Otafest Idol champion of 2016?

Otafest Open Console Gaming

It’s back! Otafest’s console gaming room is open to all in Macleod A! Bring your friends, drop in and have some fun!

Ouran highschool host club: commoner sleepover (Anna M.)

The Host Club is throwing a commoner sleepover and you’re invited! Ask questions and play fun party games with your favourite hosts in this interactive panel.

Panel-Stuck (Kyrstie K.)

Panel-Stuck is a Q&A panel! We will have most of the Alpha Trolls, maybe a few beta kids, and perhaps even her Imperious Condescension herself! Spoiler warning!

Pen, Paper, Sin (18+ Only) (Alexis T.)

Think you have what it takes to write the goriest, lewdest, most epic piece of fanfiction of all time – in 5 minutes with a group of strangers? Put your pen and paper to the test and earn glory (and prizes!)

Photography Basics: How Do? (Kathleen D.)

How to get the most out of your point-and-shoot camera for cosplay and con photography.

Pin Trading Panel

Trade for rare gold pins!

Pokemon League: Berry Picking

We’ve got some hungry Pokemon, and we need you to feed the as many berries to them as you can in 1 minute! They have fickle tastes, so you’ll have to feed them the type of berry that they want. We’ll reward you with a badge for your hard work!

Pokemon League: Feedback and Q&A

We want to know how what you thought of the 2016 Otafest Pokemon League, so come by and join the discussion. If you have ideas for future years, or want to help out we’d love to hear from you.

Pokemon League: Papercraft Pokemon

Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes. We’ll show you how to make a few of them out of paper! We’ll have some Origami templates ready, and some Pepekura templates for advanced users.

Pokemon League: Poke-Pictionary

Get your drawing skills ready, we’re going to challenge you to sketch out a Pokemon as fast as you can! If your team wins, you’ll be given a badge!

Pokemon League: Pokemon Theories and Creepy Pasta

Have you ever seen the ghost girl in Lumiose City while playing Pokemon X/Y, or the girl that vanishes on the Marvelous Bridge in Black/White? We’ll highlight a few of these stories and the theories surrounding them.

Pokemon League: Runway Madness

Think you’ve got good fashion sense? You will have to prove it by showing us how fast you can dress up your Pokemon, and then strut with them down the catwalk. If you’ve got the right stuff, you’ll earn a badge.

Pokemon League: Stuffie Stitching

If you have ever wanted to take a shot at making your own pokemon plushies, we can show you the ropes! We have some pre-cut patterns ready for you to try your hand at stitching.

Pokemon League: The History and Lore in Pokemon

Ever wonder how the Pokemon universe was created? What is the significance of each Legendary Pokemon? We’ll talk about some of the interesting facts and theories we’ve found about the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon League: Training Stronger Pokemon

If you’re ready to step up your game and train your Pokemon harder to win more matches, come to this quick panel! We’ll explain why a Pokemon that you’ve raised is stronger than the ones in the wild.

Puzzle & Waifus – An Epic Tale of a Man’s Journey to Find Himself through Anime babes and In App Purchases (Gareth L.)

Blowing money on in-app purchases in Japan’s most popular mobile game, Puzzle & Dragons!

Pyramid Game Show: Japanese Edition (Brittini H.)

Time to play an anime-themed game show! Compete in this old-school, fast-paced word guessing game to win prizes! The room will be split and you’ll be paired into teams of two, where one person has to describe the word they’re given, and the other person has to guess what it is. Good luck and have fun!

Q&A with J Michael Tatum (J. Michael Tatum)

Ask voiceover talent J. Michael Tatum your burning, burning questions!

Q&A with Johnny Yong Bosch (Johnny Yong Bosch)

What’s it like being Johnny Yong Bosch? Find out OR just sit in the back of the room making mean faces. I guess you could find something else to do like roam the halls or do homework but… LAME. Show up, it’s free.

Q&A with Yaya Han (Yaya Han)

Cosplay guest Yaya Han is here to answer your questions about the industry, cosplay tips, and more!

RPG Maker for Beginners (Jeremie C.)

You’d like to make your own role-playing video game but don’t know where to start? This panel will teach you the basics of RPG Maker for PC!

RWBY: world of remnant trivia game show (Brett L.)

Think you know the series RWBY? Ready to test your RWBY cred against others? Come and compete in our gameshow! Prizes for the winners!

Sailor Moon Werewolf (Shawn M.)

The Sailor Scouts are looking to find Queen Beryl’s generals and their Youma. In a twist on the classic party game, Werewolf, come take a role and see who will control the Moon Kingdom.

Scam School: Otafest (Brendan H.)

Join Otafest’s own Emergency Management Officer as he demonstrates common scams and ways to keep yourself safe at conventions, special events and even everyday travels.

Skype with Jessica in Japan (Jessica R.)

Want to learn about life in Japan or the JET Programme? Skype live with Jessica, who lives and works in Kyoto, Japan, as an assistant language teacher through the JET Programme.


If you’re old enough to remember the arcade scene & the 90s, then you probably remember spending copious amounts of tokens on Dance Dance Revolution and listening to Butterfly on mad repeat. With that in mind, let’s give a warm welcome to SMILE.DK, fronted by founding member, Veronika Almqvist! Don’t miss SMILE.DK’s main concert on Saturday night and be sure to take a chance to say hi to Veronika at her events!

Steampunk 101. A brief introduction (Mike J.)

Introduction to Steampunk. A discussion of the genre and how you can get involved in the steampunk lifestyle!

Stories from the Other Side (Brendan H.)

Join veteran Otafest staff member and First Responder as he recounts some of the funniest moments of his career. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry… you’ll cringe.

Super High School Level Lip Sync Battle (OF DESPAIR) (18+ Only) (Ryan A.)

Join your favourite Hope’s Peak Academy students for a bear-y interesting time. You’ll DIE of laughter! The Danganronpa 2 cast is here to have a slumber party with you! Take a STAB at some of our games. It’s going to be a KILLER of a time. We HOPE to see you there!

Super High School Level Slumber Party! (Giuliana C.)

Join your favorite hope’s peak academy students for a bear-y interesting time. You’ll DIE of laughter! The danganronpa 2 cast is here to have a slumber party with you! Take a STAB at some of our games. It’s going to be a KILLER of a time. We HOPE to see you there!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre – All Ages Improv show (Synaptic Chaos Theatre)

Get set for the BIG SHOW! Synaptic Chaos Theatre takes the stage to blow you away with razor-sharp, rapid-fire improv comedy, with the anime twist that you, the audience, provides!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre presents: 18+ ONLY Improv (18+ Only) (Synaptic Chaos Theatre)

Synaptic Chaos Theatre goes BLUE! SCT lets loose with no-holds-barred improv, where good taste is thrown to the curb and no topic is too taboo! 18+ only!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre presents: All Ages Long Form Improv Show (Synaptic Chaos Theatre)

For improv with a little more story to sink your teeth into, check out this long-form improv show!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre presents: BATSUMARU the Gameshow (Synaptic Chaos Theatre)

Prepare yourself for deadly game show combat in BATSUMARU, a brand new comedy quiz game show from SCT’s Dan Ross. Contestants selected from the audience will choose dragon tiles, answer bizarre quiz questions and attempt to defeat their opponents and the Evil Oni for the chance to win some prizes and become the Supreme QuizMeister!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre presents: How to Improv (Synaptic Chaos Theatre)

Join Synaptic Chaos Theatre for lessons on developing your own improv skills. Get a look at how these talented funnymen (and women) have honed their craft for over a decade!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre presents: Improv for Roleplayers

Every role-playing game session has one – the rules lawyer, the min-maxer, the game-destroyer. Synaptic Chaos Theatre has the cure for your RPG woes – IMPROV! Join SCT for a talk on how improv rules can turn your campaign from total-party-loss into epic legend!

Synaptic Chaos Theatre presents: Late Night Dub Fight (Synaptic Chaos Theatre)

Relive moments from your favourite cartoons, video games, movies, TV shows, and anime, in a new and hilarious light. The Late-Night Dub-Fight pits members of Synaptic Chaos Theatre and Guests against each other to find out who can “improve” classic clips by redubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Ian Horner has up his sleeves, or what the cast members will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone.

Terrible Fanfiction (18+ Only) (Chad N.)

The best of the worst! We’ve scoured the depths of the internet for the right type of garbage, and we’re going to read it to you. Come for the awkward laughter, stay for the trauma.

The Ins and Outs of Visual Novels (18+ Only) (Amy J.)

Ever watch an anime only to find out it was based on something called a visual novel? Great news! This panel will teach you all you need to know about these visual novels, as well as let you test drive various scenes from popular titles, even the naughty ones!

Todd Haberkorn presents: (In)Appropriate Nighttime Stories for Kids That Are (18+ Only) (Todd Haberkorn)

Todd is an award winning audio book narrator and has found some “gems” that he’d like to share with you! Come get an earful of stories that probably shouldn’t be used to give children wholesome dreams during sleep.

Todd Haberkorn presents: Educating a Korn (Todd Haberkorn)

There’s a lot going on in the world of anime, cosplay, and conventions. And when Todd’s brain is running Windows 95, he can’t keep all that knowledge in there! That’s where you come in. Educate the man on the world around him! He’ll have a list of things he needs to know about in the otaku world and only you can tell him!

Todd Haberkorn presents: Mystery Science Theatre, Anime Style (Todd Haberkorn)

FUNimation is joined at the hip with anime… but also live-action dubs. Join Todd and other voice actors as they take you on a commentary expedition of foreign film dubbing craziness. Watch a dubbed film… in all its flappy-mouthed non-matching awesomeness! Warning: There will be profanity…and gore!

Todd Haberkorn presents: The Haberwebs (Todd Haberkorn)

We’re on it every day. We read it. Watch it. Listen to it. But when we dig a little deeper…say…on the subject of a Haberkorn and things he likes, what do we find?!

Ultimate cosplay battle!!! (Brett L.)

How well do you know the character you cosplay? Prove it to the panel of elite judges and audience! Join us for the Ultimate Cosplay Battle and go head-to-head against various other characters of different genres!! Show us why you are the best!

Um, Actually: The Game Show Where Otaku Correct Otaku (David K.)

From anime to card games based on anime, otaku are passionate about a lot of things. But there’s one thing that they love more than anything else, and that is correcting people. This is “Um, Actually…” the competition for nerdy corrections.

Undertale: Why Do You Love It? (Rachael Y.)

Do you love Undertale? We can discuss favourite characters, route and the morals behind it all. Share your opinion and experience in the story of Undertale and have a chance to win a free copy of the game! There will be spoilers!

Video Game Name That Tune (Alfred L.)

Doo doo do doo do do doo do do dooo. That was the Tetris Theme. If you guessed right, then you’re cut out for Video Game Name That Tune! Come for the nostalgia, stay for the glory!

Weapons, Martial arts, and Tactics (Ryan R.)

Writing a story? Drawing a comic? Cosplaying with props? Don’t know a thing about weapons? You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers! Come learn about weapons, various martial arts and tactics! Open Q&A at the end for all your oddly specific questions!

Wheel Of Anime (Aaron S.)

The classic TV gameshow returns to Otafest for more spinning fun, anime-style! Spin the wheel, guess a letter, maybe buy a vowel, and solve the puzzle on Wheel of Anime!

Who’s Wall is it anyway? (Alexia O.)

Join your favourite Attack on Titan characters in a wild night of silly games and interesting situations. Come participate in a crazy game of “Minute to Win It” to try and claim the first ever “DareDevil” award and decide our fate in a totally awkward game of Twister!

Yaoi Panel (18+ Only) (Rei R.)

Do you like yaoi? Do you like improv games? How about yaoi-inspired improv? Plus, you might just learn about yaoi manga and anime that you may not know about yet!

You’re Never Born With It…. It’s ALWAYS Maybelline! – Intro to Wigs & Makeup (Janette T.)

So you’ve got the costume done, and your prop is ready for action… but wait! Don’t leave without your hair and makeup! Nobody naturally looks photoshoot ready, but with a few tips and finishing touches, you can complete your look! Come join us to learn about the basics and more when it comes to wigs and makeup in cosplay.

Yugioh: Fandom Dimensions (Sam H.)

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Yugi-Oh! franchise with a look at the evolution of the fan base, and a discussion about the fandom as it exists today.

Yumi Akai presents: Cosplay Acting! (Yumi Akai)

International cosplay guest Yumi Akai takes us through some tips on how to bring out your performance and put the “play” in Cosplay!

Zapp’s Spacehip of Love Presents: Variety Hour (Donald E.)

Do you have a talent? Do you have vast knowledge? Come share it with us, impress the audience, and laugh at all the other contestants as they make fools of themselves.

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love Presents: Critical Fail (Donald E.)

The Spaceship of Love is back with another Diceless D&D Adventure for Otafest! Come and test your mettle on our incredible adventure, brave dangerous dungeons, fight horrific monsters, and laugh as your pathetic teammates die in wonderfully over the top ways!