Svetlana Quindt aka Kamui is an acclaimed Costume and Prop Designer, Book Author, Panelist and Commissioner from Germany. With over 12 years of experience and a never ending passion for elaborate armor designs she already created many award winning Costumes and is invited to countless big events all over America, Europe and Asia where she judges, hosts or passes on her self-taught knowledge in one of her popular Panels and Workshops.

Svetlana is most well known for her detailed Armor Costumes from World of Warcraft, Diablo and League of Legends as well as for introducing the material Worbla to the world which has since taken the international Cosplay Community by storm. She finds greatest pleasure in passing on her own techniques through countless Tutorials, Workshops and lately became the Author and Publisher for her own series of how-to-make Cosplay Tutorial Books that already found their way into numerous homes and workshops all over the world. Together with her husband she strives to grow the community by introducing Cosplay to more and more newcomers by teaching them how easy and satisfying it is to make something creative with your own two hands.

Even before she turned her hobby into a full time job Kamui was already a popular guest and professional costume creation panelist at conventions like Montreal ComicCon, DragonCon, Japan Expo, Blizzcon, MCMExpo, Gamescom and Katsucon. Over the years she also acted as a judge and armor expert for several International Costume Contests like World Cosplay Summit or the European Cosplay Gathering while still winning awards herself like the Grand Prize at Blizzcon 2013. Taking a look at the Cosplay World, Kamui is an inspiration and help to beginners as well as seasoned veterans and always tries pass on what the essence of Cosplay really is: Having fun, working creatively, helping each other and realizing your own dreams.