Members: Dancho (Vocals), Kyrie (Guitar), Shinno (Guitar), Karin (Bass), and K (Drums).

NoGoD was formed in 2005 by front man Dancho (Vo.). Soon after the band went through some member changes before arriving at the current lineup in 2006. The message behind the name NoDoD is “If a person believes in one core element in life, that can become his/her God. Our band will strive to be someone’s core element (God)”.

NoGoD is known mostly for their unique look, and their heavy but yet very catchy sound. Influenced by various types of music, such as heavy metal, rock, and J-POP. Kyrie’s seven-string guitar technique has achieved greatness, and NoGoD is one of the best of the many Visual-kei bands in terms of instrumental technique. Dancho’s vocals and funny stage talk is another fan favorite, adding to the band’s quality as a form of entertainment. Pop quality that satisfies visual-kei fans, and instrumental technique that makes heavy metal fans happy – NoGoD has them both.

NoGoD has performed internationally in Taiwan, Korea and also at events like Japan Ecpo in France, the largest convention on Japanese pop culture in Europe. NoGoD definitely have their eye on the international market, as they continue their mus ical journey into the future. NoGoD will be appearing for the very first time in North America this year. Their 2 stops in Canada wil include a one man concert in Toronto, Ontario (JNP Concert Series 1), and will be followed up by a live performance at Otafest 2016 in Calgary, Alberta! This appearance is in association with J-rock North Promotions Inc. ( and King Records Ltd (

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