NicknamesSeph, Se-chan, Sephy
Blood TypeAB
Fav. FoodCrepes with Nutella & Strawberries
Fav. ActivityBikini Sunbathing & Snowboarding
Eye ColorRed
Type of AngelDeath
Fav. ColorPink
Fav. AnimeUrusei Yatsura & Death Note

Persephone or Seph is the mascot of Otafest. She has served as our mascot since the very beginning in 1999 when the University of Calgary anime club decided to hold a Japanese Animation festival. Seph represents the past: her presence allows us to maintain the history and traditions of Otafest that make our festival so special.

Seph is an angel of death and serves as a guide to those who have passed away to take them to the next world. She is often shown with a scythe. While her job is dark and serious, her personality is a sharp contrast; bubbly, outgoing and full of love. Seph refers to her friends as her “lovers” and writes x’s, o’s, and hearts with her signature. Always willing to answer the questions of her fans, Seph is the voice of Otafest on social media between January and August.

NicknamesAu-chan, The Princess of Tsundere
Blood TypeO
Fav. FoodPizzelles
Fav. ActivityBallet & Video Games
Eye ColorMagenta
Type of AngelDawn
Fav. ColorGreen
Fav. AnimeKare Kano & Kodomo no Omocha

Aurora or Au-chan is the mascot of Otafest Aurora, our winter festival. In 2012 the Otafest team decided to re-launch our winter festival with a new name and mandate. Au-chan represents the future: her presence represents our creativity and drive to ensure that Otafest continues to get better every year.

Aurora is an angel of dawn and guides the sun into the sky in the morning. Cold and grumpy, Aurora likes to hide her love for her fans, even to the point of being incapable of saying the word love. Fortunately for everyone, Aurora’s behavior is just an act and its very obvious to all who sees her that she is not being honest. Her inability to be open with her feelings often makes her the target of teasing, especially from Seph. Aurora’s greatest weakness is being called cute and will do anything to avoid being called such. Aurora is the voice of Otafest on social media between August to December and intermittently throughout the year.