Art Contest

The annual Mascot Art Contest is back again for Otafest 2017. The theme this year is Naval Sailor. Think of cute sailor outfits, naval ships, and ocean views. We encourage you to bring a unique perspective to Persephone and the theme, so do not feel constrained to specifically military outfits should that not suit your vision.

For reference anime with a similar theme, please look at:

  • High School Fleet
  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel
  • Kantai Collection
  • Tactical Roar

All entries will be published on the Otafest website. Some or possibly all entries will be published in the Otafest 2017 guidebook.
If you are interested in entering our contest please read the contest details below. If you have any further questions, feel free to email


  • All entries should feature Otafest’s main mascot, Persephone.
  • Your entry should be without a background and should be a full body shot with no body parts cut off.
  • Persephone can be depicted with or without her wings and scythe. Do not feel forced to add either of these features if they do not add to your composition.
  • Submit your files as high quality transparent PNG (PNGs can only be done on RGB color format).
  • Your image(s) must be greater than 1000 x 1000 pixels. Maximum canvas size and orientation is strictly up the individual artist.
  • All art mediums will be accepted. Since contest winners may be used for advertising and branding, digital art is preferred but not required.
  • Save your entry in the format Firstname_Lastname_Otafest_2017_Persephone_Contest.png.
  • Up to two entries will be accepted per participant. Both entries must be submitted at the same time.
  • Content must be appropriate for all ages; Otafest is a family friendly convention.
  • Otafest staff members and members of the Otafest art team may not enter this contest.
  • In an effort to better understand your design, Otafest will require a short rationale to be submitted with your entry (250 words maximum). This rationale should explain your artwork and help Otafest staff better judge your artwork by letting us know exactly what you wanted to portray. Should you win, this rationale may be published along with your entry in the guidebook, so please write formally.
  • All entries must be submitted online on the form found on this page.


The official deadline for Otafest’s mascot contest is April 2, 2017 at 7:00 PM MT.

  • Entries will be scored by a team of judges made up of Otafest staff. There will be a scoring rubric to make sure all scoring is as objective as possible.
  • All winning entries will be contacted via e-mail or phone a few weeks after April 2, 2017. Upon multiple failed contact attempts alternative winners will be selected.


There will be five winners, with a prize for first place, runner-up, and three honorable mentions.

  • First place will win an Angel Pass to Otafest 2017, an Otafest 2017 T-shirt, an Otafest 2017 lanyard, and a $150 gift certificate to be redeemed in the Otafest Exhibitor Hall and/or for official Otafest merchandise.
  • The runner-up will win one 3-Day general admission, an Otafest 2017 t-shirt, an Otafest 2017 lanyard, and a $100 gift certificate to be redeemed in the Otafest Exhibitor Hall and/or for official Otafest merchandise.
  • All three honorable mentions will win one Weekend Pass and a $50 gift certificate to be redeemed in the Otafest Exhibitor Hall and/or for official Otafest merchandise.


Nicknames Seph, Se-chan, Sephy
Character Deredere
Zodiac Taurus
Blood Type AB
Fav. Food Crepes with Nutella & Strawberries
Fav. Activity Bikini Sunbathing & Snowboarding
Eye Color Red
Type of Angel Death
Fav. Color Pink
Fav. Anime Urusei Yatsura & Death Note

Persephone or Seph is the mascot of Otafest. She has served as our mascot since the very beginning in 1999 when the University of Calgary anime club decided to hold a Japanese Animation festival. Seph represents the past: her presence allows us to maintain the history and traditions of Otafest that make our festival so special.

Seph is an angel of death and serves as a guide to those who have passed away to take them to the next world. She is often shown with a scythe. While her job is dark and serious, her personality is a sharp contrast; bubbly, outgoing and full of love. Seph refers to her friends as her “lovers” and writes x’s, o’s, and hearts with her signature. Always willing to answer the questions of her fans, Seph is the voice of Otafest on social media between January and August.

Submission Form

The Art Contest is now closed! Thank you for your entries!