Events & Panels

Panels, concerts, autographs, games, and more!

Main Events

Otafest’s main events are the big key events you really don’t want to miss!
Times and locations can be found on our schedule, once it is released!

AMV Contest

One of the most popular events at Otafest is back for another year! Creators select scenes from various anime shows, set them to music, and edit and splice them until an amazing music video is born! Finalists shown on Friday; All entries shown Sunday morning; Awards Sunday evening!


18+ Only. This is the place to come for a chance to pick up bargain deals on anime memorabilia! Come for the deals, stay for the foul mouthed insanity!

Canada Day Fireworks Patio Party

For the first time ever, we’re excited to provide an exclusive rooftop patio for our attendees. Come watch the Canada Day fireworks with Otafest!

Open to all ages, the Marriott Rooftop Patio will be providing food, non-alcoholic drink, and alcoholic beverages (ID required).

The rooftop patio can be accessed through the Sunalta Room in the Marriott. The patio is available to Otafest attendees only! Enjoy a great view of the Canada Day fireworks!

Be warned – if we hit capacity, we may have to turn folks away!

Closing Ceremonies

Otafest is (almost) over!? Not when there are still awards to be handed out! We will re-cap the event, our guests will say a final farewell, we’ll announce how much we raised for charity and, of course, the charity punishment!

The awards portion of the ceremony is where all the winners to all the contests will be announced and awarded their prizes! Who knows, you may hear your name coming out of those speakers! Make sure you stay for our traditional end-of-closing photo, too!

Maid Matsuri

Join in the Matsuri festivities! Play festival games for a chance to win cute prizes!

Hungry? We have specially made Japanese snacks and drinks available that are sure to please your taste buds! If you’re looking for a dose of cute, you can grab some cute merchandise lovingly handmade by our Maid & Butler Cafe members!

Maid & Butler Cafe

Purchase a ticket to the Sunday Otafest Maid & Butler Cafe and join us for an hour of fun! Enjoy playing games and a wonderful dance performance while snacking on exclusive Maid & Butler Cafe-only desserts. Afterwards, you will also receive an exclusive goodie bag as a souvenir to bring home!

Opening Ceremonies

Come join us as we kick off Otafest 2017! See what’s in store this year, get a sneak peek at this year’s guests, find out a bit more about our charity, and get the down-low info about the events you won’t want to miss!

Otafest Idol

It’s one thing to sing along with your favourite theme song sitting at home, but it’s quite another thing to perform it in front of an entire audience of anime fans! Come and watch aspiring singers perform a variety of anime, video game, and J-pop songs.

Who will be crowned the Otafest Idol champion of 2017? See the preliminaries on Friday, or the finals on Sunday!

Register here. Walk-on entries/performances are allowed only if time permits.

Photo Booth

Here is your chance to get a keepsake photo! Otafest’s official Photo Booth has a team of professional photographers who will take photos of you and your friends in costume.

8 x 10 prints of your favorite photos are available for purchase and all of the photos are uploaded to our Facebook page after Otafest!

Rooftop Patio & Beer Garden!

The SunAlta Rooftop Patio is a casual, Otafest-exclusive hangout place on the Marriott’s second floor for you to take a load off in between panels and shopping! The patio is a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat, take a break, and chill with your friends! Come by and enjoy the view or people-watch all of Stephen Ave! We’ll have music! We’ll have food! We’ll have beverages!

Over 18? We’ll also have beer available! (Just do us a favor and enjoy responsibly; if you become intoxicated, we will ask you to leave! Don’t forget your ID!).

All ages welcome!

Cosplay Events

Cosplay Skit Contest & Fashion Show

This is always one of the biggest events of any convention, and certainly the most popular here at Otafest! Come and see the results of folks’ creativity as they pay tribute to their favourite anime characters through costumes. This is a highlight for many festival attendees!

Cosplay Showcase – Craftsmanship Contest

Otafest proudly presents the Cosplay Showcase! For those cosplayers out there who want to show off their costumes but don’t necessarily want to do so on-stage during the Cosplay Fashion Show, this event is for you! Here, our judges will look at your costume in detail. No prior experience is necessary as we have separate categories for beginners and experts. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony!

Hall Cosplay!

If you’re in cosplay but haven’t signed up for any contest, don’t be surprised if you end up coming away with goodies from Otafest just for having a cool costume in the halls! ;)

How It’s Made: Cosplay Edition

Local cosplayers and photographers have set up interactive exhibits for you to see some of their creativity behind the scenes. This is an up-close and personal look at the technical side of cosplay. Our goal is to bring the community together by sharing ideas, and to spread the idea that anyone and everyone can participate in cosplay. Whether you’re new to the community, or a seasoned veteran of the craft, you’re bound to learn something!

Mr and Miss Otafest

Did you see someone with an amazing costume and wished that they could win something? Well now you have the chance to pick your favourite male and female cosplayer! We’ll tally up the votes and present Mr. and Miss Otafest at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday!

Gaming Events

Anime Board Games with Fallcon!

Open all weekend long, the Anime Board Game Room is designed to let you to take a break from the hustle of cosplay, vendors, panels, and showings! There are a lot of anime and Asian inspired board games out in the market today, and this is a chance for you to sit down and learn some of these games!

These events are hosted in association with Fallcon! Check out their website at!

Collectible Card Games

We’ll be playing YuGiOh, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, Force of Will, and Dragon Ball Z all weekend long! Tournaments available for new and experienced players alike! Never played before? We’ll teach you! See you in the gaming room!

Competitive Video Gaming Tournaments

In conjunction with Super Smash Bros. University and The Fighting Game Community of Calgary, Otafest is pleased to offer four cash-pot gaming tournaments for Smash Bros. Melee and Smash Bros. Wii U! Please click here for the full rules and registration!

Open Gaming

A gaming room staple! Otafest’s open console gaming will be available for you to play all weekend! With a variety of games to choose from and no sign-up required, just drop in whenever you want and have some fun!
Pro tip: Nearby Otafest staff are always happy to lose to- ahem, play with you, all you need to do is ask!

Overnight Board Games with Pips Board Game Cafe

As part of Otafest’s 24-hour experience, night owls looking to play board games can visit the Pips 24-Hour Lounge on the Marriott’s second floor between 12:00 am – 6:00 am for board gaming provided by Pips Board Game Cafe!

About Pips: Pips Board Game Cafe is proud to be Calgary’s first board game cafe. Guests coming to Pips will have access to a library of over 500 games and knowledgeable staff to get you started on a game. While you start making board game memories with family, friends and colleagues you can enjoy locally roasted coffee from Rosso. Being fully licensed, you can also choose from Craft beers from local microbreweries and a select wine list. To top it off, Pips has a bistro menu to satisfy any palate. So put down the phones and get back to being social and interactive in a place where you can ‘play WITH your food.’

Pokemon Events

Pokemon events are available all weekend in Glen 206!

The Pokemon League

Do You want to be the best like no one ever was? Is catching them your real test, is training them your cause? Meet fellow trainers, Pokéfans, and players at the Otafest Pokémon League! With more people joining every year, it’s the best time and place to make new friends and test out your team! The league is available all weekend in Glen 206!


Pokemon VGC Tournament

As a separate event from the Pokémon League (but in the same room!), we are happy to present you with a Pokémon Video Game Championship event! Following the official 2017 Pokémon Video Game Championships rules and regulations, this tournament will truly put your trainer skills to the test!

Rules Summary
Full Rules

Berry Picking

Gotta collect ’em all! Race against other trainers to gather more berries then the rest! your Pokemon will change their minds of what berry they want, how fast can you react!? Biggest berry feast wins!

Battle Royale

Have you ever wondered which of our gym leaders were the strongest? Come watch as our gym leaders duke it out in a four way free for all tournament! Laud the victors! Humiliate the defeated! Learn their moves so you make take them down in the Pokemon League.


In far away lands, Pokemon are used for war and conquest. Form a grand alliance that can wage war against other armies of Pokemon! advance and conquer the battlefield to assume dominance!


Who’s that Pokemon? Put your drawing and guessing skills to the test in Poke-pictionary, and see if your knowledge of pokemon appearances can help you win!

Pokemon Snap

Want to make National Pokegraphic? Think you’re the best pokephotographer out there? Come challenge other snappers with Pokemon Snap for the N64! take your best shot and the highest score wins!

Pokemon Smash Bros. Tournament

Come check out our special version of Smash Bros Brawl, retrofitted with all Pokemon (and a few other surprises) Choose your character and brawl it out over several matches, and prove your the best trainer on a new battleground!

Stuffie Stitching

A beginners guide to stuffing, sewing and stitching your own stuffies. Our team provides a small amount of fabric, thread and stuffing and teaches you how to build your first stuffie! Supplies are limited and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Runway Madness

Our smash hit returns! Come put your fashion skills to the test, pick your pokemon partner, give them the greatest fashion designs you can come up with, and walk the runway in front of judgmental, well, judges!

Z move dance off!

It’s time to get down and show your moves! Challenge our gym leaders, your friends, or new trainers to a dance off! Bust out your best Z move to get your Pokemon pumped!

Feedback Panel

Enjoyed our league and events this year? Come and let us know what you enjoyed! Didn’t care for some things? I guess we can listen to your complaints. Ideas for next year? We’re always looking for ways to improve and new experiences to share!

Guest Events

We’re working on some great special guest programming! Their events will be listed here. Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates and announcements!

Community Panels

5 Star Review: Finding High Quality Wigs on eBay

Shelby D.
Want to save money on wigs but are wary of shopping online? Come learn everything you need to know from two self-proclaimed eBay champions and win prizes if the (eBay) price is right!

A Paladin’s Guide to the Galaxy

Marcus M.
Join the paladins of Voltron as they teach you the ins and outs of surviving in space, as well as answer questions some may have about being the defenders of the universe!

A Silent Voice: Sign & Speak

Chandler B.
Known as Koe no Katachi in Japan, A Silent Voice features a deaf protagonist and extensive use of Japanese sign language. The rookie manga presents accurate deaf representation to the world.

A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones

Amin S.
Come discuss popular and obscure fan theories with other fans. Compare the books versus the television show and participate in a general Q&A.

A Splash with Mμ’sical Dream!

Jasmine S.
A Love Live Trivia Panel! Questions range from μ’s personal hobbies to Aqour’s wacky pastimes, and almost everything in between! Cute prizes, bubbly music, and a feirce competition you won’t forget!

Advanced Cosplay Electronics

Randell c.
We’ll be talking about some of the basics in electronic circuitry for use in cosplay, with insight on all the tips and tricks of making a functional circuit in your costumes.

Ai’s Beach Party

Emily T.
Come join in the fun with your 5 favourite idols at Ai’s Beach Party! Play Truth or Dare with Hiroomi, Limbo with Mirai, and win prizes with Ai, Akihito and Mitsuki!

All About Fantasy Cosplay

Kathleen D.
Best place to get elf ears? What’s with lace front wigs? Is leatherworking as intimidating as it looks? And how DO you play the Game of Thrones? Answers are here, noble cosplayer!

Amiibo tournament BRAWL IN THE FAMILY

Brett L.
Got an amiibo with sick moves ? Well then… SHOW ME YOUR MOVES! The amiibo Tournament is back and ready for another year of hard knocks – there will be stock Amiibos available too so everyone can play!

An Idiot’s Guide to Anime

Brendan H. [18+ Only],
Having been exposed to less than 2 hours of anime in his life, join Brendan the Otafest Medic as he provides his insight and commentary on clips, specially hand selected by the Otafest AV staff. Revel in his relative innocence and naive interpretation of the surprise clips presented to him.

An Introduction to Kenji Miyazawa

Cory G.
Explore the life of Japan’s beloved poet and fairytale writer Kenji Miyazawa through anime based on his works, including a dramatic reading of one of his stories.

Anime Caption This

Aaron S.
Pictures, screenshots, cels, photobombs, and so much more. Get ready to caption some hilarious and awkward pictures in Anime Caption This!

Anime Dragon’s Den

James W.
Think you got a great idea for an anime series? Pitch it to the Dragons; an elite panel of Investors, who, in reality have zero credentials whatsoever. Only THEY stand between you and your dream venture… but only if the concept is so good…or so bad?

Anime EDGE

Francis C.
Anime EDGE is back with more insanity than before. Imagine if you combined End of Evangelion with Azumanga Daioh, with a heavy dose of Excel Saga, and then shot of out Pinkie Pie’s party cannon into a blender.

Anime Fans in the Professional Workplace

Amin S.
How students and professionals in the workplace handle being in the anime/manga fandom; how to balance school/work with podcasting, cosplaying, and attending conventions.

Anime Hentai Superfight

Brett L. [18+ Only]Come try out superfight – see what kind of risqué powers your favorite anime and hentai characters get involved in!

Anime Jeopardy Contest

Rory M.
Want to test your knowledge for fun and prizes and prove how much of an otaku you really are? Get chosen from the audience and compete for the right to be called the ultimate Anime Jeopardy champion!

Anime Kahoot: Test Your Anime Knowledge

Jasmine B.
Answer questions showing off your knowledge of anime, play against your friends and see who can answer the question the quickest.

Anime Name Game

Aaron S.
It’s the anime version of Celebrity Name Game, with some fun twists.

Anime Name That Tune

Jeffrey W.
Think you can name your favourite anime openings and endings? Well then test your reflexes and wits against others for prizes in the ultimate musical showdown!

Anime Scene It!

Jeffrey W.
I’ll take a potato chip and EAT IT. If you can recognize an anime scene like that see if you can crush the competition as you try complete against others to identify anime scenes the fastest.

Anime Things

Francis C.
Things you wouldn’t expect to find in a Gundam. Things Speed Racer also has for accessories. Even Things you never suspected Naruto to use as a weapon. Come check out all our Anime Things!

Anime Through the Ages

Robin F.
Like history and anime? Want to learn about the shifts in demographics, anime booms, and the history of anime conventions? Then this is the panel for you!

Anime Wits and Wagers

Michael I.
Think you know a lot about anime? Wanna bet on it? Anime Wits & Wagers is back again with more trivia and bigger gambles. It’s going to be fun, you can bet on it!

ARTISTS HATE HIM: 1 evil trick to git gud designing OCs (do not steal) and make better ART!

While art and design is seen as one of those things as having “no shortcuts “, there are, in fact many techniques and dare I say, shortcuts, to becomming a better artist and designer! Let’s all learn from each other’s failures and have an active discussion on the little things that we can do (tonight) for the big gains in our OCs/ fanart/original works!

Basics of Armour 101

Julian B.
A basic introductory panel explaining and outlining basic ideas, details and simple ways to start your way into building cosplay armour!

Basics of Japanese Language and Culture

Lauren M.
Teaches the basics of Japanese such as pronunciation, basic sentences and vocabulary, prefixes, numbers, body language (such as proper bowing and what NOT to do with chopsticks) and regional holidays.

Can YOU Survive the Imperial Demon Army

Kamryn M.
Do you think you have what it takes to survive the Imperial Demon Army from Seraph of the End? Compete head to head to become a part of the Imperial Demon Army and take down the vampires!

Cards Against Otafest

Dan R. [18+ Only]Cards Against Otafest is BACK… AGAIN…?? Let’s lock a bunch of nerds in a room and play a large-scale game of Cards Against Humanity, The results will be fun, humorous, and horrifying.

Channel A

Aaron S.
Based on the hit party game, Channel A Studios is changing their broadcast lineup again. Find out what new series are on the horizon and help pitch new ideas for the next hit anime!

Con Horror Stories: Fellowship of the Creeps

Lauren W. [18+ Only]Convention Horror Stories has returned! Con Horror Stories is a panel to share stories about weird, funny, creepy, and downright ridiculous things that occur during conventions. Relax and have fun!


Nathan Y.
Curious about the convention scene? Look no further; we’ve got some tips on how you can get the most out of your weekend shenanigans!

Convention Horror Stories

Noa B. [18+ Only]Got a convention horror story you’d like to share? Wanna hear the daring tales of others? Then this is the panel for you! Just remember to bring your ID!

Convention Horror Stories (PG)

Noa B.
Got a convention horror story you wanna tell to the world? Wanna hear other’s daring tales of misadventure? Then this is the panel for you!

Cosplay and Anime Trends in Alberta

Kimberly B.
Come join me for some fun as we have a in depth conversation about cosplay and anime trends in Alberta.

Cosplay Dating Game

Skylar F.
Find the love of your life in our cosplay dating panel! Answer questions from our lovely bachelorettes and pray you get picked!

Cosplay for Broke Folks

Lindsey H.
Wanna cosplay but think it’s too expensive? Well it doesn’t have to be! Learn some tips from two people who’ve been there and done that.

Cosplay Weapons and props 101

Dan R.
Ever wondered how to make a certain prop, or why your prop was fine at one convention only to be banned at the next? Join us to discuss and learn about props and conventions.

Creation of a Character: beginners course.

John W.
Creating a good character can be difficult for use in D&D/LARP/writing. We’ll look at the different tropes you can apply to your character and make them genuinely interesting.

Crossplay Pageant

Landon D.
The Crossplay Pageant is a 2-round contest for crossplayers.
Round 1 will have an introduction and a Q&A from our judges followed by a Talent Show; Round 2 is a mystery round involving improv!

Dance Dance Revolution!

Dennis L.
Revisit the rhythm-based arcade classic that ate through your rolls of quarters since 1998! We’ve got hundreds of songs to play through! (No quarters required, please leave your shoes at the door.)

Disney Sing-Along!

Kathleen D.
Come one, come all, and sing along with your favorite Disney songs!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips & Discussion

Quang H.
Learn about the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle mobile game! From basic strategies to live demos, learn how to become the best in the Universe!

Evolution of Memes

Lauren W.
Memes have a history that reach beyond the conception of the internet. Learn about how our ancestors being memers helped humankind evolve to where it is today.

Fake Artist goes to Otafest

Shawn M.
Based on a popular Japanese game, players take turns collectively drawing a picture but one doesn’t know what the drawing is supposed to be. Can the fake artist hide the fact or will they get caught?

Family Feud

David K.
Think you know the anime community? Come test your knowledge and prove that your con family knows more than the other team!

Fire Emblem Wars 2; The Reckoning

Paige K.
Welcome back to another Waifu/Husbando war with Robin and Orochi as your hosts! Support your faves, learn all about characters and maybe play a few games as well!

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Theories and Timelines

Amanda L. [18+ Only]New Job? Check. Pizza? Check? An array of psychotic haunted animal robots trying to kill you? Of course!
Come find out what Freddy’s is all about and discuss what theorists think really happened!

Foam Sword Tournament

Hank L.
Display your strength and wits! Gear will be provided, random participants can fight after the main events – first come, first serve, and may the best triumph!

Full moon Festival: An Introduction to Tsukiuta

Kristine S.
Join us in the moonlight festival where we introduce you to the world of Tsukiuta!
A series about EVEN MORE idols that collabs with famous vocaloid producers and each representing the 12 months.

Gender and You

Harley J.
Come join as we discuss a variety of transgender characters in fictional media, the importance of representation, and how it affects us.

Got Milk? ~ A HaiQ&A story

Giuliana C.
Come to our Haikyuu panel! Q&A and games for prizes – it’ll be all GWAH and BOW and stuff!!

Guess that video game song

Zachary L.
Guess That Videogame Song is back again with some new twists! Get your gamer knowledge ready, see how many you can name, and win epic prizes!

Hentai East and West

Alana M. [18+ Only]How has hentai influenced the Eastern and Western culture? Discuss how hentai’s impact has it changed how we perceive and partake of adult content.

Hetalia World Conference

Ashley D.
Speed running games, quizzes, and Ask The Countries! A fun and engaging panel for any Hetalia fan!

Husbando Hour

Julian B.
An anime and videogame-based game show where participants must compete for their favourite “Husbandos”, rising to the top and claiming the title of of “Ultimate Husbando” for prizes!

Idol Conversation

Stacey M.
What is an Idol? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, look no further for the answers you seek.

IDOLiSH7: Setting a New Stage for Male Idol Series

Janette T.
Learn about IDOLiSH7 and what sets it apart from other male idol mobile games. With character design by Arina Tanemura, dynamic plot, and an industry-focused perspective, you wont be disappointed!

Introduction to Crossplay

Ashley D.
Introduction to crossplay and different ways to go about it!

Introduction to Ensemble Stars

Madison S.
Do you love idols and spending all your time playing mobile games? Then Ensemble Stars may be the game for you! Join two of the shining stars of Yumenosaki to learn more about the series and more fun!

Inu-Brothers Q&A

Ashley L.
Come join Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru in a Q&A! Ask the brothers about their adventures and their lives before, during, and after their feudal fairytale, or dare the doggy duo to perform a trick or two!

Iron Cosplay Scanvanger Hunt

Landon D.
Feeling creative? Come make a cosplay out of random supplies with your team! Send your cosplayer on a scavanger hunt and see just how well your cosplay holds up!

Jackbox Games with Otafest

Tracy L.
Let’s play party videogames with the Otafest crew! Whether it’s trivia, mad libs, or straight-up deceit, it’s all about getting the most points for the WIN!

Japanification Identification

Jordin J.
We’ve all seen the funny and weird commercials that come out of Japan at times but the question is: “Can you identify the product by ad content alone?”

Join Us: Ouran High School Host Club!

Zoha A.
Join us! Come enjoy some mini games, re-enactions, trivia, and truth or dare with none other than your favourite hosts while savouring some warm drinks and delicious sweets!

Kingdom Hearts Trivia

Catriona M.
Think you know everything about Kingdom Hearts? Come on down and pit yourself against other fans.

Kofuku’s Picnic Party

Emily T.
All you half-phantoms out there, head on down to Kofuku’s picnic party! We got lots of snacks, prizes and fun games for everyone! We will be playing lots of games and doing a Q/A!

Korean Martial Arts Through History

Ryan R.
More than just modern taekwondo, Korea has a deep and fascinating martial history. Learn about the roots of Korean martial arts, how they changed through history, and discover other modern Korean arts

Kpop 101

Caitlin L.
For new Korean pop music fans having trouble figuring out what the heck is going on or older fans looking for a new group: We’re here to help you!

Kpop Appreciation Hour

Caitlin L.
Play and watch K-Pop games, videos, and hang out with other fans!

Kpop Crash Course 2.0

Giuliana C.
Its time to dust off those dancing shoes again! Its back! Get ready to experience some more k-pop, and if dance isn’t your thing? Don’t worry! Come, watch, and listen to some of your favorite songs!

K-Pop Random Dance Play

Courtney H.
K-Pop? At my anime convention… again?! Started at Animethon, we have now made our way to Otafest! Come join us for a fun hour filled with a whole lot of dancing!

Late night Karaoke

Rachael Y.
Sing your heart out in late night Karaoke! Support Otafest’s charity! What do you have to lose?


Nathan Y.
What’s a light novel? Interested to find out another source for anime other than manga and games? Come on by and we’ll show you the ropes.

Living and Teaching in Japan

Jessica R.
Jessica has spent one year living and teaching English in Japan. Are you curious about doing the same? Do you like hearing stories from those who have lived abroad? This is the panel for you!

Lolita Fashion 101

Doan H.
Interested in Lolita fashion? Come learn more about the style and the secret life of a Lolita.

Lolita Fashion Show

Landon D.
Interested in Lolita Fashion? Come see our beautiful models showcase a variety of what the culture has to offer!

Make Bento Banzai Great Again

Jei W.
Bento Banzai is YUGE! Spicest, sourest, bitterest, it’s the best. We know we host the best food gameshow. We know you’ll love it. Other food gameshows are just hard-working, unsuccessful circuses. Sad!

Male Idol & Musical Live

Reign Z.
Male Idol Japanese anime and games started getting popular since Uta no Prince-sama. Join us to experience 13 different anime and games about male idols/musicals!

Medabots Dual 101

Jonathan M.
Learn how to play Medabots Dual and face your friends in combat.

Mix and Mingler

Brittany S.
Start the summer off right by mingling with some amazing people who love Japanese culture as much as you!

Monster hunter open season!

Brett L.
Come swing by and hunt with your fellow hunters from across Alberta!

Mystery Flavour Challenge

Pukkajira S.
Do YOU like eating and the unexpected? This is the place for you! Try to guess the flavour of the snacks. If you guess incorrectly, there will be a fun challenge awaiting. Prizes for all contestants.

Nefariously Bad Fanfic Theatre

Melissa N. [18+ Only]Last time, we ruined your childhoods and destroyed your perception of the Teletubbies forever. Join us for another round of horribly written fanfiction.

On the Mic Voice Over Adventure 1

Nathan H.
Ever wondered what it is like to actually dub an anime? Join seasoned voice over professionals in an interactive panel in which you and room participants will learn the basics of dubbing. Participation of attendees is mandatory!

On the Mic Voice Over Adventure 2

Nathan H.
Ever wondered what it is like to actually dub an anime? Join seasoned voice over professionals in an interactive panel in which you and room participants will learn the basics of dubbing. Participation of attendees is mandatory!

One Punch Man

Amin S.
Come chat about the the popular anime series One-Punch Man and learn about the manga and webcomic!

Otafest @ Night

Aaron S.
Based on the hit Comedy Central show @Midnight, anime and social media come together for a hilarious show of unsuspected surprises, funny pictures and crazy videos. Laugh and have lots fun @Night.

Otafest: The Abridged Series

Garrett D. [18+ Only]Seasoned abridger, DoktorApplejuce, a top ten finalist in Team Four Star’s 2016 abridging competition, is here with a host of other abridgers to guide you into the world of abridged parodies.

Otaku High- Web Series Pilot Screening and Q & A

Eric S.
This panel is a screening for the locally-produced web series pilot of Otaku High. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with series creator Eric Stroppel.

Overwatch Family Fued

Skylar F.
Calling All Heroes! Join us in our game of Overwatch Family Feud! Fight for glory and you could win your very own Overwatch figure! Maybe you’ll get some candy and healing too ;)

Overwatch Training Camp

Felicia O.
Throughout this panel, we’ll be playing different drama/improv games led by your favourite Overwatch instructors for prizes!
Get your fighting face on, we’re all soldiers now.

Puns and Determination

Marcedes D.
A Fun,Q & A panel based around Undertale with games and prizes. (and possibly memes)

Recent BL Games panels

Reign Z. [18+ Only]Do you play yaoi/BL visual novel games? Or maybe you’re interested in finding a new one to play later? Come to this interactive panel to find out more! We will talk about more than 20 different entries in the genre.

RFA Party

Felicia O.
Join the Mystic Messenger crew through an interactive improv adventure! Will you get the good or bad ending? It’s all up to you.

RWBY world of Remnant trivia white fang take over

Brett L.
Come enjoy some RWBY trivia with guest characters from the show. You think you know RWBY? Come and prove it !

Sailormoon Werewolf

Aaron S.
Sailor Moon Werewolf is back! Can the Sailor Scouts save the day or will the Negaverse rule all?

Salty Bet Live (All Ages Welcome!)

Andrew Q.
You’ve seen Salty Bet online – watched fights, experienced the taste of glorious wins and salty tears of defeat. We do it LIFE with randomized match-ups from over 2000 characters using cold hard Monopoly cash. Who will fight? Who will win? Will you walk out a Monopoly baller or salty loser? Come find out at Salty Bet Live!

Correction: Our printed guidebook has this event listed as 18+.  It is in fact open to all ages!

Seika High’s Summer Festival

Emily T.
Welcome to Seika High! Join Misaki, Takumi, and others, play fun festival games, win prizes, plus a Q&A and photos! It’s going to be a day you won’t forget!

So you wanna make a webcomic?

Ever wondered what it takes to publish a successful webcomic? Achiru has been a webcomic creator for thirteen years and she’s here to share her web wisdom with you.

Stories from the Other Side

Brendan H.
Join Brendan the Otafest Medic as he tells tales of woe and wonder from his convention adventures in Emergency Management. You’ll be dazzled as he regales the audience with tales such as the mysterious zucchini.

The Dating Game; Anime Edition

Amy S. [18+ Only]The Dating Game is a fun, light-hearted panel where there will be rounds of characters asking questions and choosing from an unknown group of 3 volunteers to see who matches with who best.

The Ins and Outs of Visual Novels

Amy J. [18+ Only]Have any idea what a visual novel is? If not, this panel is perfect for you! Learn everything you need to know about them by test piloting various scenes from popular titles, including naughty ones!

The ‘Joys’ of Cosplay

Dustin D. [18+ Only]Cosplay, it’s a wonderful hobby: encouraging creativity, bringing people together, forming positive communities. But sometimes you hate it, and want to complain about it, so lets complain together!

The Life Cycle of an Idol

Selena Z.
Have you ever wanted to be an idol or been curious about how the Japanese idol industry works? Come learn about the lifespan of an idol, from the birth of a star to the symbolic death of graduation.

The Top 5 Secrets to Being an Artist!

Want to know what professional artists are doing that makes their work stand out from the rest?

Tokusatsu: Spandex Defects & Latex Rejects

Raymond C.
An introduction to tokusatsu, the Japanese art of live-action special effects films and TV dramas that has gained international notice, often involving transforming heroes and/or giant monsters. A brief history of tokusatsu will be followed by an overview of currently running/recently aired series of the various flagship franchises (such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman), along with clips being played. There will be an open discussion of several topics ranging from homages in other media to the future of the industry, as well as a few games and group activities.

Top Anime Series!

Jeffrey W.
Get ready to defend your favourite anime series! Join us as we nominate, argue and discuss the top anime series of all time!

Truth or Dare with Muse! : Silver Start!

Ayra B.
Come join us for questions and dancing with the idol group Muse from Love Live. Have fun with us playing truth or dare! Hosting will be the new cosplay and dance group Silver Start!

Two Rooms and a Boom

Aaron S.
Two Rooms and a Boom is a party game of social interaction and deduction. Can your team win or will it go Boom?

Ultimate Despair Murder Mystery

Carter Y. [18+ Only]Here comes the class trial! Join the cast of Super Dangan Ronpa 2 in this brand new, interactive, despair filled scenario! Can you figure who is the killer?

Um, Actually…

David K.
Otaku are passionate about a lot of things. But there’s one thing that they love more than anything else, and that is correcting people. This is “Um, Actually” the competition for nerdy corrections.

Video Game Jeopardy

Harley J. [18+ Only]Test your knowledge of video games with Video Game Jeopardy! Covering favourite franchises like Dragon Age, Overwatch, and Final Fantasy!

Video Game Scene It!

Jeffrey W.
Our princess is in another castle! If you think you can recognize classic and modern video game moments then come compete against others for the Video Game Scene It! title.

Viktuuri Hour with YOI (Yuri On Ice)

Alexzander C.
Come spend a fun filled hour with Yurio, Yuri and of course Viktor. Games, Q and A and Truth and Dare, what happens when they leave Asia to do an event in Canada?

Voiceover – Voicing the World

John W.
What is it like to be a voice talent around the world?
An introduction to international voiceover and why your accent and language is no longer a barrier.

Wheel of Anime

Michael I.
The wheel is back! This anime-themed Wheel of Fortune has returned with new puzzles and the custom wheel that will have everyone wanting to take it for a spin.

World of Worbla: From Pattern to Paint

Andra I.
An in-depth guide to using Worbla, from pattern to paint! Come by to learn the ins and outs of one of the most beloved crafting mediums in cosplay.

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love: Critical Fail!

Donald E.
Do you like D&D? Do you hate D&D? Do you not care either way and just see a bunch of nerds embarrass themselves? Come join the Spaceship of Love crew as they take you through an interactive adventure!

Zapp’s Spaceship of Love: How to Panel!

Donald E.
Ever wanted to host a panel, but don’t know how to talk to girls, let alone people? Come join our panel experts and hear how they routinely put on panels in front of audiences of 1000 strong!

Zumba u’sba

Kimberly B.
Join members of u’sical Rush as we dance along to many different J-Pop songs. A fun way to mix exercise and Japanese music together!

Anime Showings

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club (AP)

After moving from Nagasaki to Kamakura, Hiromi decides to start riding her bicycle to school every day. Being out of practice she struggles with the ride but, luckily, there are people ready to help her get better at it.

Urara Meirochou (AP)

Every girl dreams of becoming a fortune teller in Meirochou and many flock to the city to persue their dreams. Chiya, raised in the woods by a caretaker, has come to the city with a different goal: find her mother.

New Game! (AP)

After graduating high school Aoba Suzukaze immediately got a job with Eaglejump Games, the studio that produced her favorite game. Now she has a lot to learn if she wants to become a game developer.

All Out! (AP)

On his first day in Kanagawa Prefectural High School, Kenji meets the tall Sumiaki during a game of rugby. Kenji strikes a friendship with Sumiaki, and soon joins the rugby club.

Akiba’s Trip (14P)

An urban legend describes monsters known as “bagurimono” lurk in dark corners of Akihabara, the paradise of anime. When Tamotsu encounters one, he is almost killed but saved at the last moment by a girl named Matome.

Flip Flappers (AP)

Papika and Cocona hold the keys to open the door. When the two girls meet, their adventures in a different time and different overlapping dimension called “Pure Illusion” begin.

Interviews with Monster Girls (AP)

Tetsuo is a teacher working at Shibasaki High School and specializes in the physiological study of demi-humans – vampires, succubus and snow women. Unfortunately, demi-humans aren’t very common so he hasn’t actually met one before.

Flying Witch (AP)

Every witch, when they reach the age of sixteen, is supposed to move out on their own and be independent… But Makoto is a bit air headed, clumsy and prone to getting lost; so she’s moving in with relatives in the county instead.

This Art Club has a Problem! (14P)

Mizuki Usami is the only person in the club who wants to do art club-like activities, and constantly struggles to do so. The other members are only interested in drawing the perfect waifu, sleeping, and causing trouble.

Fuuka (AP)

Yuu is the new boy in town and finds himself drawn to Fuuka. Discovering that they both love the same band and his bass playing compliments Fuuka’s singing voice, they start a band.

Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (AP)

Overworked and drunk, Kobayashi stumbles into the forest and saves a dragon on the verge of death with nowhere to go. After drinking a bottle of sake with the dragon, they decide it will live with her as a maid.

Aoi Hanoo (AP)

Kazuhiko has enrolled at the Osaka University of Arts with the goal of being the best animator in the country. His classmates include the likes of Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Yamaga and Takami Akai – the founding members of Gainax.

Idol Incidents (AP)

The politicians and political parties of Japan are no longer able to govern or represent the people. Rising to the challenge, Idol groups take up the roles of government and work to the better the country that adores them.

Izetta the Last Witch (14P)

Long ago the White Witch saved the kingdom of Elystadt from being conquered. Now on the brick of war, the princess is despritely searching for allies to fend off an invasion when she meets a witch named Izetta on a train.

Shinya Skokudo (AP)

Open from midnight to six in the morning, with a limited menu and a cook who takes requests, the stories of the Midnight Dinner follow the lives and situations of the people who frequent it while the rest of the city sleeps.

Seiren (AP)

The series follows the interactions of Shoichi with his female classmates while he struggles with studying for his university entrance exams and doubts about his future.

Mob Psycho 100 (AP)

Mob is a quiet unassuming boy who only wants to live a normal everyday life, a perfectly achievable goal if not for his immense psychic powers. Normally able to keeps his powers subdued, when his emotions peak things tend to explode.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (AP)

After seeing a Rakugo performance in prison, Kyoji has decided to dedicate his life to the art of storytelling. On the day of his release he tracks down a rakugo master and begs him to become his student.

Re:Zero – Starting Life In Another World from Zero (14P)

Subaru is an ordinary high school student who is lost in an alternate world. Rescued by a beautiful, silver-haired girl, he stays near her to return the favor, but the destiny she is burdened with is more than Subaru can imagine.

91 Days (14P)

During the Prohibition era, in the Lawless district the law has no power, the mafia rule the streets, and the illegally made liquor flows freely. Avilio lived in this district, but after the murder of his family, he went into hiding.

Drifters (14P)

In a parallel world mankind is locked in an endless war with the monsters of the land. In our world, when warriors of great renown and skill perish they are sent to that world to influence the course of that war – they are known as drifters.

My Hero Academy (AP)

Everybody is born with a super power; some can fly, others are super strong or fast – except Izuku. Born without a ‘Quirk’ or power of any kind, he still dreams of becoming a hero like those he looks up to.

Sweetness & Lightning (AP)

A recently widowed father, Kohei, isn’t very good a cooking but wants to cook good meals for his daughter, Tsumugi. Kotori’s mother owns a restaurant and has taken it on herself to help him learn to cook.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto (AP)

First year high school student Sakamoto isn’t just cool, he’s the coolest! No matter what difficulties Sakamoto encounters, he moves through his high school life with confidence and class.

Gabriel DropOut (AP)

The students of Heaven and Hell must attend high school on earth and Gabriel, top of her class in heaven, has just started high school. Her first challenge after arriving on earth: to save the citizens of her favorite MMO.

March Comes in Like a Lion (AP)

Rei is a 17-year old professional shōgi player, who lives by himself, no real family and scarcely any friends. Among his acquaintances is a family, which consists of a young woman, Akari, and two young girls, Hinata and Momo.

Food Wars! The Second Plate (AP)

The Autumn Tournament has begun and with it the cooking battles to determine who the best cook amongst the first year chefs are reaching dazzling new heights.

First Love Monster (AP)

You can’t always choose your first love; sometimes you get lucky, other times you strike out. For Kaho Nikaido, who dreamed of meeting her first love, it has gone terribly wrong.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (AP)

Shinagawa Daichi is a high school delinquent who just wants to be left alone. However class rep Adachi Hana will stop at nothing to get him to be involved in his school and lead an enjoyable school life..

Mobile Suit Gundam – Iron-blooded Orphans (14P)

Learning about the world on her journey to Earth, Kudelia founds Admoss Company to strive for the financial independence of Mars. However peace is not easily achieved and various new factions are now targeting her.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge (AP)

When Masamune confessed to his first love she ruthlessly mocked him for being obese. From that point on he dedicated himself to weight loss and fitness just to get his revenge; making her fall in love with him and dumping her publically.

The Saga of Tanya the Evil (14P)

An everyday salaryman has angered the Gods with his utter lack of faith in them and their purpose in the modern world. To punish him, they’ve had him reincarnated as a blonde haired magical girl in the midst of World War One.

Kiss Him. Not Me! (AP)

Kae, an overweight fujoshi, locked herself in her room and lost the weight from the shock of her favorite characters death. When she returns to school, four attractive boys ask her out, but all Kae wants is to see them kiss each other.

Wakako Zake (14P)

Wakako, a 26-year-old office lady, gets through her busy life one day at a time – with the help of various Japanese comfort foods. Each episode highlights a different kind of drink and food combination and the best way to enjoy each of them.

Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri Katsuki is the best ranked male figure skater in Japan but after a crushing loss at the Grand Prix Finals he returns home and contemplates retirement. Just as he is about to give up on his dream his idol Victor appears before him and offers to be his coach.

The Dragon Dentist (14P)

When people die their souls return to and pass through the teeth of the great dragon. Occasionally, a soul emerges from the teeth, returned to the land of the living, where they become Dragon Dentists.

Princess Mononoke (14P)

When prince Ashitaka slew the raging boar god that threatened his village he was cursed to be consumed by hatred until his death. Exiled from his village, he retraces the boar’s path in hopes of finding a cure for his curse.

Fantastic Fights (14P)

A collection of fantastic and iconic fights spanning many genres and styles of animation arranged for your viewing pleasure.

Short Form Anime (AP)

A selection of ‘Short Form’ series from the last year for those with short attention spans and like their anime episodes short and to the point.

ODD… (14P)

Does watching, let alone liking, this series put me on some kind of list? If not, it should. Who am I kidding, I’m already on it.


The glorious return of a running favorite! This year with double the fun!