The latest Otafest info and events

Family Fun at Otafest

Bring the whole family to one of Calgary's most colourful events of the year! Here's some of the many fun things you can do with your family at Otafest.

Become a Pokemon Master at Otafest!

Otafest is the ultimate destination for Pokemon fans of all ages! From casual activities and social gatherings to challenges and competitions, a plethora of Pokemon events run for the entire weekend, including our legendary Pokemon League, were…

The Incredible Legacy of Cowboy Bebop

By: Acey R. Cowboy Bebop debuted in Japan 21 years ago in Japan. It has, in that time, become a staple in the anime scene, with an incredible ability to convey a story, in which  everyone can find something to love. From the characters to…

The Ultimate Guide to Cosplay at Otafest

Otafest loves cosplayers! We have a ton of different events and contests to help you show off your costumes, connect with other cosplayers, and maybe take home a prize or two! Here's our Cosplay Director, Amanda, with a rundown of all our contest…

Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary Celebration

  3... 2... 1... Let’s jam! No need to wait for Netflix - come enjoy the original Cowboy Bebop alongside the stars at Otafest in Calgary! It's been 20 years since Cowboy Bebop roped our hearts, so we're celebrating with Steve Blum…

Otafest Wifi

Huge thanks to Telus for sponsoring complimentary WiFi in the Telus Convention Center for Otafest attendees!